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A man with a great and noble vision, true son of the soil, loving father , adorable teacher and what's not, as the adjectives run short of length generally when they are to be placed before the name Dr. V. N. Shukla.
         It was about 20 years ago on the falling evenings of the chilled winter when tyres of the Ambassador car rolled down the dusty lane and halted in front of the huge Haveli which seemed to be waiting like an old father with tremendous weakness down the knees, drooping shoulders but with hopeful eyes looking forward for his most sympathy and loveable son to come and give him support. On the other hand the scenario was rather more pathetic-four almost crumbled walls and the just supported ceiling giving shelter to the king of the universe Lord Krishna or Murli Manohar. I have never seen my father more distressed than at that moment of life. He prayed with his folded hands and Lord Krishna unfolded the fortune for him and blessed him to fulfill his own dreams through his devotee Dr.V.N. Shukla.
         Thereafter he made his routine to visit Narwal on Saturday and go back to his office on Monday for the next 15 years. As a result the Murli Manohar temple was rebuilt, the haveli was renovated, Vikas Samiti Narwal was formed and that brought him closer to villagers and their problems. Under the banner of VIkas Samiti Narval the foundation of shri Ganesh Shanker Vidyarthe Mahavidyalaya was laid and his mountainous of shri Ganesh Shankert Vidyarthi Mahavidayalaya was laid and his mountainous efforts made it start in 1992. Under his ideal managership it rose to be an institution of outstanding merit.
        Always dream Big was his favorite quote. He dreamt big, did big things in life. He was always close to his mother for him. After her heavenly abode he was distracted from Narwal for the first time in his life. Then he laid the foundation of Tulsi Vidya Mandir in the loving memory of his mother Tulsa Devi with the solo motto of imparting modern education and strengthening the foundation of the student from the primary level. I confess that Narwal was never the subject of my interest and so I was never clode to it, but as I was close to my father whose every breath passed via Narwal,
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